Dear [First-Name]

As a fan of Hooters since the early 90’s, I thank you for your commitment to raising the bar on freshness and quality. That commitment to ‘raising the bar’ is why I’m writing.

How would you like to raise the bar to the highest quality ever, dramatically increase Hooters relevance with America’s 250 million wing eaters, drive them through your doors for trial and increase sales by tens of millions per quarter, beginning instantly… Now you can, here’s how…

Americans want the best, so imagine if next week you could begin advertising to America’s 250 million wing cravers that Hooters is now the ‘World’s Most Award Winning Place for Wings’ (and of course begin serving the world’s best & winningest wings to support that claim)…

What would the news of Hooters now serving the ‘World’s Winningest Wings’ do for new business? If you think it would be good, you can make it happen instantly & permanently with the stroke of a pen, simply by acquiring or licensing my company’s IP.

Head over to to find out more. Much thanks for your time and have a winning day!

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PS: If you run a couple focus groups on the concept with wing lovers, you’ll find out exactly what we found – When told they can now get the World’s Most Award Winning Wings - 100% of wing lovers reply ‘I’ve gotta try em’. 100%! Group it & see for yourself.